• One 17” 3D holographic screen projects images out to 12 inches
• One 17” touch screen for Customer Interface
• One Coupon Printer, 2 ¼” wide, thermal paper
o Print coupons, rewards and promotions inside retail locations on demand
• PC-based; network ready (DSL/Ethernet/Wireless) – uploading, downloading, programming
• Speakers and audio system compliment visual merchandising
• Free standing – ADA compliant
• Keyed access for security and maintenance
• 120V, 60 Hz. - Standard
• Height 72”; Base 24” wide; Depth 18”
• Color determined by retailer

Product Description

Video Interviews

  • Provision 3D Demo Video 2013


  • Intel "Future with Provision"


  • Provision Demo Video 2013


    Provision Demo Video 2013

  • Interview with Provision President & CEO Curt Thornton


    Excerpts from a conference call conducted by TheMarketFinancial.com, a news portal which covers the latest Wall Street developments and investment opportunities.

  • Provision's 3D Display Combats Ad Blindness


    Provision's 3DEO platform - a 3-D advertising kiosk that attracts consumers with holographic video and prints coupons on demand - was a response to the proliferation and ubiquity of two dimensional outdoor displays.

  • Provision Interactive's 3D Display Showcased by Ford at SEMA 2009


    Phantasmic Entertainment, Inc., along with car customizer Malibu Marketing, have integrated Provision's 3D holographic display into the bed of a customized Ford F150 pickup truck.

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