Kodak Provision Case Study

Provision has selected KODAK to provide multiple services for Provision’s 3D Rewards Centers and 3D holographic displays, with deployments alreadybeginning in Los Angeles.  The strategic partnership includes Kodak’s involvementwith  site surveys, set-up, installation, and sign-off, providing totalaccountability to the retailers and helping to assure  total customer satisfaction. 

Fred Meyer 3DEO Reward Center

Provision presented Fred Meyer, A Kroger retail chain based in Portland, Oregon, with an innovative Point-of-Sale program focused on consumer needs, the 3DEO Rewards Center. An impressive 40’ 3D holographic display projects high definition advertisements into real space approximately 3 feet in front of the system. A unique and interactive destination for consumers, the 3DEO Rewards Center invites users to browse and the opportunity to print coupons and promotions from brand name manufacturers across nine in- ‐store categories.

For customers, the experience is exciting and memorable. For marketers trying to cut through the clutter of a litany of marketing channels, its value proposition is powerful: it stops traffic: “a clutch of other shoppers, stood transfixed, voicing ‘whoas…’ this was a true traffic stopper,” commented ABC reporter Bill Robertson.

Customers and store managers praised the 3DEO Rewards Center for both the quality of the 3D projection system and the significant value it presented to customers every day. The pilot program resulted in thousands of coupon prints from manufacturers Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Schering Plough, and more. On average, users printed 1.6 coupons per visit.

TGI Friday's

Provision installed its Holo 3D floating image display inside TGI Friday’s restaurants. As a new “disruptive” technology Holo was used to advertise beverages in the bar, breaking through the “clutter” of traditional in-store ads. Provision is offering Holo to retailers and advertisers in several market channels worldwide.

Holo 3D displays feature digital streaming images that float in space without the need for glasses.

Holo is being marketed as a stand-alone 3D interactive display for retail stores, restaurants and shopping centers. Holo is also being integrated into several kiosk applications that function as electronic transaction terminals, while being a networked display system that provides streaming media of 3D images.

Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. is a Los Angeles based privately held company. The company has developed and provides advanced display devices and kiosks for retailing, promotion and advertising.


A consumer reaches for a 3-D image floating in space. Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. of Chatsworth, California is offering HoloVision, a revolutionary new interactive communications system, to the retailing and advertising industries. The 3-D displays are interactive and feature movable images that appear to float in space without the need for glasses or other depth enhancing devices.

HoloVision is being marketed as a stand-alone 3-D interactive display for retail stores, kiosks and shopping centers. It is also being offered as a networked display system that provides streaming media of 3-D images to the individual displays.

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Forget LCD Screens

“Forget LCD screens and heads-up displays – the future is 3-D.” – Auto Express, April 2008

Provision Gained a Lot of Attention...

“Provision gained a lot of attention at the [Digital Signage] show for its holographic displays, which make images seem like they are floating from the screen.” – Digital Signage Today, April 2008