Provision's Production Team: Knowledge. Experience. Results.

Provision’s experienced creative team brings years of hands-on experience and leading-edge technology to combine text, graphics, sound and video into dynamic, broadcast-quality multimedia presentations for the 3D Holographic display system.

We will develop and schedule content in a compelling and engaging environment for virtually any type of application. From retail digital signage to government, education, business communications and kiosks, Provision provides more creative control with the files produced than with other industry-standard applications. When completed, content is then distributed to Provision’s 3D Holographic displays, merchandisers, or kiosks using Provision’s Network Manager.

Provision combines the best practices of print, TV, and web advertising to create media that will engage, educate and motivate your audience to take action. We can transform your existing media and reformat it for the 3D Holographic display of any size, position or application. Or if you prefer, we can create entirely new content to meet your needs.

3DEO Provision Produced Creative

3DEO Client Produced Creative


Video Editing
Music & Sound
Interactive Authoring
Media Optimization

Media Support

  • Graphics:
  • Animation:
    FLC, FLI, AnimGIF
  • Sound:
    WAV, MP3, MIDI, CD Audio
  • Video:
    Software and Hardware MPEG, AVI
  • Fonts:
    True Type

Live Action

Key Features

  • Import standard graphics, sound and video files
  • Smooth, TV-like playback with real-time effects & transitions
  • Unlimited mixing of digital audio tracks
  • Seamless, smooth playback of digital video
  • Update via Provision’s Media Player or CD-ROM


  • Dynamic Signage
  • Advertising Network
  • Electronic Transaction Terminals
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Corporate TV Networks
  • Education
  • Kiosks

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