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Instead of showcasing your company’s product on a table or display shelf in your booth, put it “out there” with the HoloVision from Provision Interactive Technologies Inc. HoloVision is a 3-D screen that projects an image so that it looks as if it is floating in space. The screen can be encased in a kiosk or tabletop unit, and the projected images can vary from a single item shown in 10-second clips to a play list of dozens of 60-second videos. The company can customize the image/video to fit your needs. Plus, the Provision technology does not require special glasses to view the 3-D image. The screens are available up to a 40-inch size, which floats the image 4 feet away from it.

Provision Interactive Technologies Inc., Chatsworth, CA, 818-775-1624,

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  • Provision 3D Demo Video 2013


  • Intel "Future with Provision"


  • Provision Demo Video 2013


    Provision Demo Video 2013

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