Entrance Marketing

The Audience is Buying

3DEO Rewards Centers will be positioned in a high-traffic, high-visibility location close to the main traffic entrance of each store, where customers are already in a mindset to purchase items.

Utilizing Provision’s patented Holo™ 3D floating image display inside the 3DEO Rewards Center, this new “disruptive” technology will be used to advertise all types of products and services within the store, breaking through the “clutter” of traditional in-store ads. When consumers interact with the touch screen, they are ‘rewarded’ with the selection of a promotion or coupon of their own choice to use in the store. Holo™ 3D displays feature digital streaming images that float in space without the need for special glasses.

The Future Has Arrived

Interactive experiences that grab you

You've seen it in the movies and on rides in amusement parks. Interactive experiences that seem to reach out and grab you. However, the practical applications of these cutting-edge technologies have been viewed as being in the distant future. Well, we’re here to tell you that the technology of the future has arrived. It’s here now, totally functional, and it’s available to retailers, courtesy of Provision.

Promotions and advertising are crucial to retail marketing, however, traditional marketing avenues siphon away a large part of retail budgets. To stay competitive, retailers must focus on using innovative technologies to drive sales, margins, and earnings.

Today, more than 70% of all purchase decisions are made in the store. Point-of-purchase advertising is highly effective because it reaches shoppers when they are most attentive and receptive to your message. Plus, it fosters a personal connection with shoppers, enhancing their in-store experience by providing them with relevant product information while building a stronger brand identity for you as a retailer.

How Consumers Respond

Proven Results

Consumers were polled about In-Store 3D Holographic Ads. The power of interactive advertising is undeniably evident:

  • 100% said they would better remember a brand or special drink when advertised in 3D
  • 97% found 3D holographic ads to be entertaining
  • 91% were motivated or very motivated to order a drink or brand as a result of seeing 3D holographic ad
  • 88% said Provision’s 3D ads enhanced or greatly enhanced the store experience
  • 61% would recommend visiting the store solely to experience the 3D holographic advertisements

In Store Promotions

It works!

3D holographic screens positioned strategically throughout stores influence consumers’ shopping decisions. According to a Nielsen Media research study, 68 percent of those surveyed stated that in-store messaging would affect their purchasing choices. And according to PQ Media, the leading provider of alternative media econometrics data, in-store TV ads generated nearly $100 million in 2005 revenue, a 45% increase from the year before.

Provision’s interactive 3D holographic displays represent a quantum leap in effective retail advertising, combining sight, sound, touch and even smell to powerfully engage consumers at the most opportune moments.

Through Provision’s state-of-the-art, interactive 3D holographic displays, retailers can profitably engage shoppers and enhance their in-store experience through targeted and effective messaging that creates demand through sensory awareness.

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