Forget LCD Screens

“Forget LCD screens and heads-up displays – the future is 3-D.” – Auto Express, April 2008

Provision Gained a Lot of Attention...

“Provision gained a lot of attention at the [Digital Signage] show for its holographic displays, which make images seem like they are floating from the screen.” – Digital Signage Today, April 2008

Clearly, Digital Signage

“Clearly, digital signage, holography and other state-of-the-art technologies are about to transform the show floor – and business as we know it as well.” – Exhibit City News, May 2008

The Wow Factor

“The wow factor hit me right between the eyes – figuratively, of course, but these holograms are so convincing it’s hard to believe they’re not tangible objects.” – Exhibit City News, May 2008

One Glance at ProVision

“One glance at the ProVision booth told me holography has definitely come of age.” – Exhibit City News, May 2008

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Case Studies


    A consumer reaches for a 3-D image floating in space. Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. of Chatsworth, California is offering HoloVision, a revolutionary new interactive communications system, to the retailing and advertising industries. The 3-D displays are interactive and feature movable images that appear to float in space without the need for glasses or other depth enhancing devices.

    HoloVision is being marketed as a stand-alone 3-D interactive display for retail stores, kiosks and shopping centers. It is also being offered as a networked display system that provides streaming media of 3-D images to the individual displays.